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One could get a severe case of Spring fever about now.  April in Paris has songs written about it but one just can't beat April in North Georgia. The dogwoods, azaleas etc. make you want to live outdoors.



Move houseplants very cautiously onto the porch, deck or patio.  Be prepared to cover or return them to the house if temp. is to be 45 degrees or less.  Bright sun can quickly scorch leaves.  You can increase your fertilizer to full strength. Prune and repot as necessary.



After the spring blooming shrubs (azalea, forsythia, quince, etc) finish flowering, it is a good time to do either light or heavy pruning.  Overgrown hollies can be cutback severely without harming the plant.  What is severely?  As short as 18 inches or up to 2/3 of their foliage.


Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles were imported into New Jersey from Japan on the roots of nursery stock about 1916.  Since then they have spread over much of the USA.  A Japanese beetle spends about ten months underground as a white grub worm.  Adults emerge in late May and are most evident for four to six weeks.  Although they disappear, they are still a force to be dealt with.  Don't believe that what you can't see can't hurt because beetles begin causing damage early March and doesn't quit until late October.  During winter the beetle is a grub about 4-8 inches deep in your yard, then comes up in March to feed on the roots of your grass and plants before emerging as an adult Japanese Beetle.  After laying it's eggs the beetles die, but the cycle goes on again.  The eggs hatch into grubs to eat your grass roots.  All of those brown spots in your yard are not fungus.  Japanese beetles can be controlled during the grub stage then while they are flying all over the place.  Apply grub control during June and July to reduce the beetles next year.  Give your neighbors beetle traps for Christmas.



Roses should be leafed out and blooming.  Watch closely for aphids and black spot.  Bayer All In One Rose And Flower works well to control insects and disease and also feeds the plant.  Remember the black stuff on your crepe myrtles last year?  This was caused by aphids, so treat your crepes with the Bayer All In One Tree And Shrub. Pansy plants are beautiful and blooming their heads off, but soon the heat will get to them so just go ahead, be tough and yank them up and plant some summer annuals in their spot.


Fruit Trees

Now that your trees have been pruned (Feb) and bloomed out it is time to start a regular spray program.  We have all the stuff you need and an easy schedule on the bottles of fruit tree spray.



Newly planted trees need attention for the first year or until their feeder roots have developed.  Generally each week a tree needs 1 inch of water for each inch of the trunk diameter.  A gator bag works very well for watering or drill a tiny hole in the bottom of a five gallon bucket, put the bucket beside the tree trunk and fill the bucket once a week.  Your neighbors will think you are nutty but it's cheap and it works.



Please see question on our frequently asked questions page.  At this time its strictly a gamble when the last frost will occur, portable flowers like hanging baskets and color bowls are safe bets because if a cold snap is predicted you can bring these items inside until it warms back up.

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