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We offer delivery services for the following products within a 10 mile radius: bulk soil, rock, and mulch; bagged material; shrubs and trees; straw and hay. 

Delivery Fees: (subject to change)*

Pine straw (40 bale minimum for delivery)- $35

Pine straw over 100 bales- $60

Trees- $60 (per delivery, not per tree)

Shrubs- $35 ($60 when combined with trees)

Bagged material- $45   Over 75- $60

Bulk soil (up to 4 yards)- $45

Bulk mulch (up to 8 yards)- $45

Bulk gravel/rock (up to 4 yards)- $45

Hay - $50


Design Services: $300 for full design (no discount for half or partial yard). You get $100 gift certificate from us to use on your plants. By appointment only. Turnaround times are subject to season and demand. Please see us in store. No refunds.

*We do not install. We make delivery appointments by date, but not time. 

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