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Have you had those first tomatoes and green beans from your garden yet?  That will make the work in March, April and May worthwhile.  There's just nothing like a "sink sandwich”, two slices of white bread, a layer of Mrs. Duke's mayonnaise and three big slices of tomato.  Now go stand over the sink to eat it so the juice won't be all over you.



Watch your lawn for brown patches.  Before you think fungus remember Poa Annua is now dying and leaving patches of dead stuff.  Japanese beetle grubs are eating the roots of your grass.  Many things could be the cause so when you come to Northside bring a sample of your problem, maybe we can figure it out.


Vegetable Gardens

Water your cucumbers regularly to prevent a bitter taste.  Don't let tomatoes dry out between waterings and check them for blossom end rot.  Blossom end rot is usually a calcium deficiency that a foliar spray will correct.  Replant squash and beans to have a steady supply all summer.


Wild Birds

Most birds are very busy now raising families and trying to keep all those little mouths full.  Help them by keeping your feeders filled with good stuff.  Don't you hate it when squirrels get into your feeders?  The Droll Yankees feeders are pricey but boy they are fun to watch them flying squirrels.  They make great father's day gifts.



Those strange looking things hanging onto junipers and Leyland cypress are bagworms.  By the time you can see them, they've stripped the foliage from your plant.  Lucky for you, there's a spray that helps to control worms.  You need to get started so you can save your plants. 



This is your last chance to prune azaleas without cutting off next years blooms.  Complete any heavy azalea pruning before July 1, if you want blooms next spring.  Prune hydrangeas after they bloom.  You will get lots of new branches which may bloom again this fall.


Tree Watering

Drought has been a problem for the last three years and trees have really suffered.  When local regulations allow watering, a deep watering in much better than a light sprinkle.  Either lay a water hose on the root ball at a drip over night or use the bucket method.  Punch a tiny hole in a five gallon bucket, set it on the root ball, and then fill with water.



Did you know that each flower bloom only blooms for one day?  That’s why the Stella d' Oro is considered "the ultimate daylily".  A Stella is a repeat bloomer that flowers all season where most daylilies have a short season of 3-4 weeks.  Because of their popularity many other types of daylilies are being hybridized to repeat bloom.


Daffodils and other spring bulbs

Crocus, hyacinth, and daffodils have now "browned down" (foliage died back).  Now is the time to dig and divide any crowded clumps.  Let clumps dry out a little then break apart and either store them or make a friend very happy by sharing.


Flower Seed

Have you ever planted zinnias?  They are easy!  They come up in a week!  They make great cut flowers and you can play “he loves me; he loves me not" with them. 

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