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Why do we call this time of the year Dog Days?   Our idea is that the heat makes the time not fit for man or beast.  For those of you who do work out in the sun be sure to generously apply sun screen with a high SPF number, wear a hat, and drink lots of water.

Fescue Lawns
Your fescue lawn probably looks a little sad now.  Since fescue is a "cool season" grass soon it will perk up.  Next month will be prime time to overseed your lawns or completely redo them.  Get ready now by applying lime as needed and determine why grass keeps dying out in certain areas of the yard.  Sometimes you just have to give up on grassy areas and replace grass with ground covers.  Mondo, ajuga, and pachysandra make excellent groundcovers for shady areas.  Even pine straw looks better than struggling grass.  You lawn may look rough because your lawn mower blade needs sharpening.  It should be done once each summer to avoid shredding the grass instead of cutting it cleanly.

Bugs and Snakes
During dry periods outdoor roaches and ants invade your home seeking water.  Apply a 24" band of insecticide around the foundation to stop them.  Pay particular attention to door ways.  Control snakes by moving logs, leaf and rock piles away from your house.

Harvest okra, cucumbers and squash often or the plant will give up and quit producing blooms.  However, after all this time, you and your neighbors may be tired of all the zucchini and are ready for the plant to slow down.  Soon you can plant those great fall vegetables.

Web Worms
It’s easy to see bug webs of fall web worms in your trees.  If you can reach the web with a stick, fishing pole or such destroy the webbing and make the worms homeless and expose them to birds.

Wild Birds
Humming birds will soon be migrating to their winter homes in South America and are trying to fatten up for the trip.  Keep the feeders full and try to count the number of birds in your yard.  You will see many other baby birds that are testing their wings now and learning to fly.  Put out a variety of foods to attract different kinds of birds.  Fun fact:  Hummingbirds prefer to "bathe" by flying during a rain shower rather then using a bird bath.

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