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February is the last full month of winter and 28 days is enough!  This month, you will see daffodils and Tulips in bloom and the pansy plants that have been valiantly hanging on all winter will now perk up and look great.  Feed pansies with Fertilome Bedding Plant Food.

Lawn Care
Fescue lawns are beginning to green up and need to be fed with 16-4-8 (8-10 pounds per 1,000 square feet).  Spot spray broadleaf weeds with a 2-4-D weed spray. Seed or overseed fescue lawns beginning in late Feb.  Measure your lawn for square footage. Bring your measurement to Northside and we'll help you determine how much seed and fertilizer you need to have the best lawn in your neighborhood. Set your lawn mower blade high to mow over lirope and other ornamental grass to eliminate ugly leaves. They will grow back beautifully. Bermuda needs a dose of lime and Fertilome Weed Free Zone as needed.
Watch for early signs of spring by checking new growth on perennials.  You can divide hostas and daylilies now. We will have a huge selection of perennials for sun, shade and in between (semi- shade).  Lenten roses (Hellebores orientalis) are beautiful now. Although pricey, few plants can supply the year around interest of this evergreen ground cover. 

Vegetable Garden
With the economy the way it is, growing vegetables is a fun and educational way to stretch that food dollar.  If you don't have a garden spot - start one now! Raised beds could be nice, good looking additions to your yard.   Most vegetables need sun, food, and water so pick a spot that gets lots of sun. Work some compost into your garden- mushroom, cow manure or chicken manure work great! You can plant English peas, onions, garlic, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, radish, greens, lettuce, and potatoes now, weather permitting.

Clean out bird houses so they will be ready for spring birds to nest. Hang houses for wrens, bluebirds, etc.  While birds are beautiful and fun to watch, think of all the bugs they eat.  Keep those feeders full and fresh water in birdbaths so the birds flock to your yard.

New stock
February is a busy time at Northside as we are getting ready for the madness of March. We are potting up thousands and thousands of baby perennials and annuals.  Our ultimate collection of Weeks roses are already leafing out and getting ready to bloom. Come scratch your spring itch by wandering through the greenhouses.  We'll tell you when and what you can plant. 

House Plants

House plants are a great way to create a natural oasis indoors. Most of them are easy to care for and there are tons of pottery options to match your decor. Make sure to turn house plants periodically so they get light from all sides and don't grow only to one side. Also, careful not to over-water. Since they aren't out in the sun, house plants require less water than outside plants.

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