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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to plant trees and shrubs?

Fall and early winter is the ideal time to plant most trees and shrubs. They will establish better root structure to survive a long hot summer if planted in cooler months. However, most trees and shrubs can be successfully planted year around given proper water, mulch, and care.

Does Northside Garden install plants?

Northside sells to numerous landscapers each day. We will gladly recommend several qualified landscapers for any size landscape project.

Does Northside Garden offer a warranty on plants and trees?

Northside Garden sells top quality plants free of insects and disease at very reasonable prices. If you notice a problem with a plant you have purchased within a short period of time, we ask that you bring in a piece of it (or dig it up if you can) so we can attempt to diagnose the problem and work with you on finding a solution. Please also read our return/replace policy in-store or on our website. We do offer a 50% replacement on trees and shrubs that die within a year of purchase. See full policy for more details. 

How often should I water my plants?

Newly installed plants should be thoroughly watered when planted.  Afterward, soil types, plant species and weather determine how much water is needed.  Usually once per week is adequate however you should pull back some of the mulch and check if the soil is moist until the plant is well established. Plants installed in hot summer months need more water initially than those planted in winter.

How much area does a scoop of mulch cover?

Our mulch scoop is approximately 1 cubic yard ( 27 cubic feet ). 1 Cubic yard of mulch will cover 162 square feet 2 inches deep or 324 square feet 1 inch deep.

When is the last frost?

Frost can occur anytime nighttime temperatures fall to 38-40 degrees. Most times this is a light frost and does very little damage. We have recorded light frost as late as May 11. Most years you can safely plant tender annuals and vegetables after April 15th; however we HAVE had cold and damaging frost occur in May. It depends how much you are willing to gamble...?

Do You Deliver?

We deliver straw, bulk mulch/soil, bagged mulch/soil,  rock, shrubs, and trees within a reasonable distance. The fee varies depending on what is being delivered: anywhere from $25-50 usually.  If you have your hole dug and we can get close enough we will bring a tree to the final planting location. Pine straw delivery requires a minimum of 40 bales and we will stack it on your driveway unless we agree on another spot ahead of time. We also deliver horse and livestock feed. The delivery fee depends on the distance. Please call us or stop by for more information if you would like to start receiving feed deliveries.

Where are Jim & Lyn?

Mr. Jim passed away in January 2017. He is greatly missed. Ms. Lyn is retired. They spent 32 plus years building Northside Garden Center. Their sons Jamie and Turk currently run the business, along with 2 of their grandchildren.

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