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After dinner, go for a walk and give thanks that we live in such a beautiful world. This month is one of our favorite times of the year.  Most of the outdoor work is done and the best holiday ever is the fourth Thursday.  You get to visit with family and friends without the pressure of gifts plus you are required to eat yourself into a coma.

Lawn Care

It's almost too late to plant fescue seed.  You can plant seed now but it will take weeks to germinate.  If you must plant grass for erosion control consider planting annual rye.  Remember that rye grass will die in hot weather and should be overplanted in the Spring.  Fertilize fescue lawns if you didn't do so in October.  Rake leaves off of grass areas or your grass will die.  Drain and winterize your sprinkler system and water hoses.


Remove dead foliage from hostas, coneflower, black eyed susans and other Perennials.  Clean up your perennial gardens and put out fresh mulch.  Plant  Lenten roses so they will establish enough to bloom in Feb. Other great perennials to plant now are hostas, day lilies, and sedum.


If you haven't moved your house plants indoors yet you had better hurry up. The average first day of frost in our area is the 13th.  Check foliage for bugs or disease before bringing them inside.  Houseplants do not use much fertilizer in the winter. Either use your regular plant food at half strength or apply Osmocote.  Plants will grow toward the light so set up a schedule to rotate a quarter turn each month. Also plants love a light misting on their leaves weekly.  Use your swiffer to dust foliage when necessary.


November is bulb planting month!  Tuck some tulips in with the pansy plants and plant hundreds of daffodils.  Daffodils need to be naturalized - that is - planted in natural areas where the foliage can die back and make food for next years blooms.  Crocus and hyacinths are fabulous bulbs to plant near walkways and steps.  Hyacinths smell wonderful.  Dig up and store your caladiums and elephant ear bulbs. Dust with Captan then cover with dry peat moss or potting soil.  Place in a cool dry place till spring.  Start an amaryllis or some paperwhite narcissus now for a great Christmas gift for yourself.

Trees / Shrubs

Fall is truly the BEST time to plant trees and shrubs.  The soil is still warm enough to grow roots and get the plants well established before the big spring flush of top growth.


Wild birds are delightful to watch during the cold winter months.  Encourage birds to gather in your yard with various types of feed.  Cardinals love black oil sunflower seed.  Finches go for Niger seed and chickadee love safflower seed.  Remember birds also need fresh water to survive.  Suet cakes are good to attract woodpeckers.

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