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It's only October but already you are seeing Christmas displays in stores.  Do you remember when we had Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas?  Now Christmas seems to start right after the fourth of July. Bah! Hum bug!  We liked the old time best.  One of the great things about living in Georgia is the distinct change of seasons.  The glorious fall colors of late October, early November are breathtakingly beautiful.  For fun, take a trip to a North Georgia apple orchard to pick your own.  Oops! We forgot about the other thousands of people doing the same.



With Jack Frost creeping in on cool nights, be ready to bring your special plants indoors.  Spray them with an insecticide to kill any varmints and repot any that got too big for their pots over the summer.



Take down all but one of your hummingbird feeders now.  Most birds have migrated however a few have been discovered in the wintertime.  Wild birds should be fed all winter.  Once you start feeding, keep feeders full and clean water available.



Go ahead and set up a compost bin to be ready for all the leaves that will soon fall.  A compost bin does not have to be complicated:  Just a 4' high by 10' long section of fence wire in a circle is adequate for most needs.  Leaves, a layer of soil, a sprinkle of 10-10-10 and water are all you need to have wonderful humus next spring.  Keep your leaves raked up off your grass or problems will develop.



Deer have become a big problem since being reintroduced to Georgia.  Conditions are so favorable and forage is so available they are reproducing faster than we can keep up.  When you see little deer with twins you can expect a lot of your shrubs to disappear.  Deer can be trained to leave your stuff alone by spraying with deer repellent vigilantly and sprinkling Milorganite near plants.  Remember we've taken their habitat so you can't blame the deer for coming "home" to "your" yard.


Vegetables / Fruits

Onions, garlic,carrots,beets,radish, and all greens can now be planted early in the month.  Fruit trees, berries, and grapes are great additions to your landscape.  They look good and the fruit tastes good.  What's not to like?



Fescue is cool season so now is time to feed, plant and enjoy.  Bermuda is warm season so now it is trying to go dormant.  Stop fertilizer for the season, raise your mower blade to 2 1/2 - 3" high and let it grow a "blanket" for cold weather.  Some people do not like brown, dead looking grass in the winter.  You can overseed with annual rye, but we don't recommend it.  The rye will shade your roots next spring and delay green up of your Bermuda.  Besides who wants to cut grass in January?



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